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First Prize Bravery

I don’t welcome pain into my life, but pain is inevitable. When it comes, there’s no fighting it. It comes in waves and they are going to crash over me regardless, so I’ve become a “dance in the rain” kind of person. Heartbreak and pain become food and oxygen to writers, they are what fuel us.

Throwback Thursday with Easy A

I’m not sure if this is a bad movie or if it is just entirely comprised of hateable characters. The overwhelming tone of sarcasm that goes through the whole movie makes me think that they’re trying to make a statement and be clever, but it just left me feeling triggered. It might be time to put this one to bed, it’s leaving Netflix in three days (on February 28) so you still have time to watch it and either agree with me or start a fight. I’m down for either, six readers, come at me.