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Selling Tickets to Your Downfall is a Badge of Honor

Everything about Downfalls High swallows me in nostalgia. It reminds me of life before my 20s, back when I was a teenager and truly believed that I…knew where I stood, because I knew that I stood against everyone else.

Chef Satisfaction

The epitome of what any creative in this new world can ever hope to achieve – organic fame by being their true selves – is incredibly satisfying. How many of us post a selfie from a certain angle because we want the affirmation of knowing that at least twenty people, only three of whom we talk to on a regular basis, think we look good?

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Being so singularly focused can be dangerous, we all know this. When we get tunnel vision we exclude a lot of other factors that are important to a healthy society. But what do you do when everyone else is so singularly focused that they ignore the things that matter to you, like equal rights and soldiers dying by the hundreds in a pointless war? If everyone seems to be looking everywhere but at the injustice it can start to feel like your duty is to be singularly focused until enough people are looking in your direction.


We are not in the same place we were before the Notorious RBG. When I stop and look back at where we as a country have gone, the strides that we have made while she held our hands, I am grateful for progress.

EAT up Tobe Nwigwe

At first it seems like just another video, excellent but similar to what they’d put out before. Then the camera zooms in on Tobe’s mouth as he tells us several times that “every bar is worth a kilo”. As the camera zooms out we see the chairs are gone and Fat is behind him, interrupting him to say “yeah yeah, look”.