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The Dumbledore Conundrum

The Dumbledore Conundrum (as it will soon be widely known) is when an older man chooses a younger man’s fate without the younger man’s consent. It’s how Dumbledore decides that Harry is going to die, without telling Harry about the sacrifice that’s required of him. For most of my life, I have accepted this as a narrative device – after all, aren’t some people wiser, don’t they have more information and a better perspective over the situation and we need them to make decisions?

Manic Monday on Mumblecore…kind of

Gilmore Guys has what some may refer to as “a rough start”. It’s two dudes, Kevin and Demi, and Kevin was a long time fan of the show with Demi being a pair of fresh eyes. They probably spend 60% of their recorded time talking about things that aren’t related to Gilmore Girls, but they’re 100% entertaining.

How Hate Spreads – A Pop Culture Analysis

I think it’s interesting to examine how fear and anger go hand in hand. Fear seems weak, it feels like you’re giving in; but anger lets you control the situation. Anger gives people something that they can accomplish, it gives them something to do. And when they have something to do they can forget for a moment that they are scared and powerless.