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Aftersun (2022)

Visual poetry in film is sometimes very limited to arthouse, small films. 

As I’ve stated before, no story is too small to be told. 

The film is set twenty years after a father and daughter’s last holiday at a fading vacation resort. 

Told in a very intimate way to thrust the viewer into the space with the characters, the films starts out small and vague and then moves towards the climax that blows the film up to a grand emotional scale that cannot be explained. 

If you are paying attention, you know that you are watching vignettes of a person’s memory. A memory that was also being captured via photographs and a tape camcorder.

I won’t spoil it, but it is dreamlike, moving, heartfelt, and expertly shot. 

One last question, do you think that innocent perceptions of others hold any truth to them? 

This movie should have gotten more recognition. Buttttt, I guess being nominated for a Best Actor Oscar isn’t all bad. 

Please watch it if you have a quiet moment one evening, you will not regret it. It’s truly phenomenal. 


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