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If my parents are reading this, just skip it. I won’t hold it against you. I didn’t even think I’d have to write something like this. It’s 2020 after all. But 50% of my posts are about racism so I might as well throw in some blasts against sexism too.

Men have been rapping about sex and female anatomy since…the beginning of rap music. Big Dick Energy is trending. So who would have thought that two women doing the same thing would start a media firestorm, but we’re all ready to move on from social justice causes on Facebook so I guess it’s time to share how gross it is that two women are comfortable with their vaginas.

In 1991, Fried Green Tomatoes featured a scene where Kathy Bates has to hold up a mirror to look at her vagina and find her inner power. Though she’s clearly uncomfortable at first, she finds her confidence after getting acquainted with herself. She wraps herself in cellophane, she rips down walls of her house, she shoves it to a little turd who steals her parking space. TOWANDA!!!

But that lesson somehow became a joke. It was funny. No one ever talked about it as if it could possibly be truth. Men are always acquainted with their genitalia. It hangs out where they can always see it and they always know what it’s up to. For women, our pleasure centers, the powerhouse organ that can DELIVER HUMAN LIFE, is tucked away. It’s not easy for us to get a look at it, it takes work to get familiar with ourselves and in order to even start that work, we have to push past the societal stigma that surrounds female sexuality.

Once we hit puberty, we will spend our entire lives tailoring ourselves to the male perspective. We’ll learn how to dress so we don’t attract unwanted attention, how to get out of awkward conversations with creepy men, and by college most of us have put a dick in our mouths (and not had the action reciprocated). Appreciating our own sexuality and anatomy isn’t even a thought until most women enter their 20s and in some cases, much later in life.

Pushing forward this narrative only serves to harm women. If we are not comfortable with our bodies, we will never be comfortable setting boundaries. Imagine, women of the world, if vaginas were so normalized that you didn’t have to spend your college years having bad sex before you were able to figure out what felt good for you. Imagine if you will, a world where you knew what you wanted and felt comfortable asking for it. Imagine a world where your boyfriend eats your pussy without you having to (shyly) ask.

So why is this song, by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion, creating so much chaos right now? Is it because in the 2020 world where we’ve had to face the realities of our failing healthcare system, witness the crumbling of capitalism, and challenge the racism in our society we feel that we have just done too much and can’t give out any more power? Ben Shapiro needs to hold on to his manhood as he writes an article telling the two women that they need to see a doctor and get that checked? Sorry Ben, but just because you’ve never made a woman wet in your lifetime doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I’m going to say something controversial here –


Another controversial statement –


And one more to finish it off –


So, world, all I have to say to you is that it’s about damn time we started normalizing female sexuality and allow women to feel strong and confident in their own bodies. Let these two women rap about how much they enjoy sex and having a wet ass pussy. If you’re not enjoying it, you have some work to do. Hold up a mirror and get to it, Towanda.

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